The Revolutionary Breakthrough in Chocolate

Turning Chocolate
Into Medicine

All natural chocolates (or similars) are over 50% fat and sugar, with some reaching toxic levels of 90% fat and sugar (such as Nutella), with a rough average of all chocolates being 75% fat and sugar (see the chart below).

Eliminating the fat from chocolate

Eliminating the Fat

Our current formulation almost eliminates most of the fat and sugar, by reducing the fat and sugar down to 15% (goal is 5%), while being indistinguishable from (dark) chocolate (fudge) in terms of taste, color, and odor - with no aftertaste, and with no need for alkalinization.


Ingredient Quantity Percentage
12 grams 84%
Fat (cacao),
2 grams 15%
Salt, Vanilla, Glucose, Stevia, etc.   1%
Herbal Extract
(in water)
1-2 tablespoons  
Step by Step KukaXoco Process

Step by Step Process

Prepare the herbal extract in hot water. Mix in the other ingredients. Stir to consistency. No cooking needed. Finger-licking good!!!! That's it.


Removing 900 Pounds of Sugar from a Ton of Chocolate

One ton of cacao is de-bittered by 2 ounces of herbal extract, replacing 900 pounds of sugar, saving $500 per ton.

Walking the Andes: turnING Chocolate into Medicine

Here I discuss a new de-bittering agent from a little used herb of the Andean region of Bolivia and Peru.

Greg Aharonian Blazing Trails for Chocolate Lovers

Oct 1

Greg Aharonian, president and chief scientist at KukaXoxo

will be presenting a lecture at the World Chocolate Forum at the British Library in London, the Forum sponsored by the publishers of Kennedy's Confections, a leading publication in the areas of chocolate and candy production. His talk is titled "Walking the Andes to turn Chocolate into a Medicine".

Oct 2

Greg's PPT London presentation will be released to the public


Health and Medical Benefits of (sugar-free, fat-free) Chocolate

In recent years, various studies have shown that consumption of cocoa can result in decreases in the rates of heart disease, cancer, diabetes and other health problems...