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Social Media: Gluten Free Cookie Co.

The Challenge

Branding, Web, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Posts

A growing gluten-free cookie company needed to upgrade their website and promote their brand on social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. They wanted to communicate their message and engage customers searching for a gourmet gluten free taste alternative. The challenge was to differentiate their product by telling the unique founder's story behind the brand, to galvenize loyal customers and first time buyers just introduced to the company.

Their website was linked to a new e-commerce retail store, where the gourmet cookies could be ordered and delivered to their door.

The social media channels promoted the product consistantly with clever imagery, photography and illustation. Using humor and industry related news, the brand took on an elevated professional engagement with it's growing audience.

Special ad campaigns were designed around promotions and orchestrated graphics were customized to each platform for holiday seasons.

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