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Mobile Design
Mobile App Design

The Challenge

Create UI/UX friendly mobile applications for a variety of industries and clientele

With the mobile device market growing exponentially, mobile application design requires a unique approach different from any other user online experience.

The limited screen real estate effects the visual layout of your mobile application, consequently, this also effects how you structure the mobile interface.

The user interface needs to be extremely clean, simple and clutter free. Functionality and readability are key. Only after these principles are tackled can the eye candy and sex appeal be applied.

Menus are abbreviated down to the essentials and white space or "negative space" needs to be always present.

iRefill is a mobile application where customers can place prescription orders and get real-time updates on their prescription status. The interface needed to be clean and welcoming for use by a broad range of customer base.

Wahlaa is up and coming online retailer looking for a bright, fresh and clean approach to their branding. The user should be able to search, browse and purchase with ease of use.

Whether designing a retail banking interface for locations and information, or an ecommerce application, you must be mindful of exactly how visitors use mobile devices and applications.

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